Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The truth about this blog

This blog might be true or it might be a bit altered to protect the people involved - or it might be the fabrication of an adventurous mind. You decide.

This blog makes me look like a sex addict and a filthy cheater - which I'm not. I started dating when I was thirty - yes, thirty years old! Before that I was completely happy with my books, studies, friends and dogs. I didn't need men, let alone sex.  I dated for about a year before I met my husband and after the divorce I dated for another year. So I'm definitely monogamous, I don't accept cheating unless you're in a desperate situation. I wish I never have to date another man or have sex with anyone else than my current boyfriend.

But it's fun to tell the stories, the crazy moments in my life. And I love to tell stories anyway, so there's more to come...

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Mary said...

Lukaisin tässä blogini läpi. Voi jösses Maaria, sanon mä. :D You need sense of humour to wade through this blog.